Beat the Heat: E-ONE Has You Covered! June 14 2016

Summer has arrived in full force. Just when you're ready to chill out in your time off, you've worked up a sweat again without even trying!

No worries. We at the Fire Locker can help you beat the heat in style!

Stay cool and dry with an E-ONE Cutter and Buck polo. With 50+ UPF protection, this moisture wicking shirt will help keep you comfortable on the steamiest days.

And no one likes a hot head! To keep the sun off your crown and out of your eyes, a good baseball cap is an absolute summer must. The Fire Locker is ready for you with the Flexfit Cool and Dry Sport Cap in both navy and red.

Your final line of defense from the sweltering sun has to be a nice, frosty drink. But what good is that if your beverage heats up before you can drink it down? The Fire Locker has the situation under control! Choose from either zippered bottle suits in red, green, navy, or black, or slip that cold can into one of our E-ONE can sleeves - you know them better as coozies - in either red or black.

As always, keep an eye on Fire Locker by E-ONE for plenty more cool summer deals!